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transformation from within



"My partner and I visited on Valentine's Day. It was a first for both of us and we loved it. It was a wonderfully meditative, heart-opening and healing experience guided by someone who truly loves what he does and cares about delivering exceptional value. I would recommend to anyone who wants to drop inward and gift themselves with true recuperative rest."

Stephanie, 32

I have so far rented the yoga studio of SSW twice now.  First, for the 10-hour shooting of my band's AIDS 2020 music videos, and then for my wedding ceremony.  Both times, the staff was most welcoming, easy to communicate, and the rental cost was surprisingly affordable considering the beauty and simplicity of the multi-purpose space.  I also started renting the back office 1x/week to film my company's podcast.

Timothy Bartsch,

Southern Time Productions' CEO & lead singer of the Southern Time Band 

“I was fortunate enough to experience a sound healing session. This was a new healing modality for me and Danny took the time to explain and educate me. I experienced a profoundly moving and healing session. Danny is the real deal he is gifted and grounded in the healing that he does. Do yourself a favour and go see him. You will be thankful. I can't wait for my next session!”

Caroline, 29



Sound Therapy is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates at precise frequencies and that by using resonant vibration, the balance of matter can be restored.

The therapy incorporates the use of musical expression providing relief from stress, anxiety, depression and other physical and emotional issues.


Using a variety of organic instruments, sound healing finds and adjusts frequencies

inside the body, creating harmonious resonance and deep awareness unifying the mind, body, soul and spirit.

Using vibrations and overtones to connect every cell in the body, unveiling trauma and disease to the system so that it can self-correct. Vibration and resonance create an environment for:

self-awareness  |  self-healing | self-love

Danny DePoe


Along his journey of healing from his own traumas, Danny discovered Sound Healing to be the most effective way of stimulating natural healing, personal growth and alleviate stress. He then went on to study Vibrational Arts and Energy Work at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Ontario, where he was inspired to start Soul Sound Wellness as a place to promote healing and share the benefits of alternative medicine.

Danny guides Sound Baths, innovative healing that combines physics and energy healing to attune the physical body to its resonant frequency.






Sound healing can reduce your stress and anxietyimprove your sleep, create a deep sense of well being, and promote healing that goes well beyond simple relaxation.

Balanced Lifestyle

Sound healing based on evidence that deregulation or disease in the body is a result of our natural resonance being out of tune or off-balance, whether due to stress, illness or environmental factors, and that working with frequencies can bring your body back into healthy vibration.

Manage your Emotions

The brain is interconnected to the rest of the body. So, when  brainwaves are out of balance it is possible to experience corresponding emotional and physical health issues. Over or under arousal of the brain is linked with problems like anxiety disorders, sleep difficulties, hyper vigilance, angerdepression, and migraines to name just a few. 

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