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Danny is a gifted, true healer. He’s inspiring empathetic and loving. I first came to him to work on healing childhood and adult traumas. There was much progress towards my healing as I experienced weekly sessions that left me more grounded and connected with myself. Danny uses sounds and music to tap into all my chakras. As the connection occurs relief and release of stored up energy occurs. Using visualization techniques he guides and supports me in deepening my self love and healing. I continue seeing him weekly as I work on becoming the best version of me possible. Thanks so very much Danny!


I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful sound bath you created for me last Tuesday. I have not stopped thinking about it. I still feel the sensations in my body especially when I am meditating. I feel that I can go further down into the earth and further up into the light. The experience was truly spectacular! You are a great healer. Thank you!


"My partner and I visited on Valentine's Day. It was a first for both of us and we loved it. It was a wonderfully meditative, heart-opening and healing experience guided by someone who truly loves what he does and cares about delivering exceptional value. I would recommend to anyone who wants to drop inward and gift themselves with true recuperative rest."


“I was fortunate enough to experience a sound healing session. This was a new healing modality for me and Danny took the time to explain and educate me. I experienced a profoundly moving and healing session. Danny is the real deal he is gifted and grounded in the healing that he does. Do yourself a favour and go see him. You will be thankful. I can't wait for my next session!”

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