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what to expect with a sound bath

What to expect with a sound bath

At Soul Sound Wellness, we consider the sound bath like window shopping or a sampler pack of the potential power of an individual session.  Your first sound bath with us will be a journey that reveals both the depths and expansiveness of your consciousness. 

You will begin with guided breathwork for your mind-body connection.  The expansion will put you in touch with your entire electronic, magnetic mind space within and beyond your physical body, connecting you to the centre of the earth and the end of the cosmos/heavens while still being utterly present in the moment. Once the breathing sequence has settled, the sound-only portion begins.

Designed to connect you with all 12 resonant spaces in your physical body via 3 and 4 note stable chord movement. Stable major, minor and dominant chords are played in a specific sequence moving seamlessly from one to the next. We start from the familiar and then continue inward and outward while never losing touch with being right where you are.

Didgeridoos are played directly over the body to activate sympathetic resonance from within. You can feel your body become a resonance box like the body of a guitar.

Once activated from within, quartz crystal singing bowls and merkabas shift the structural shape of cells and molecules in the body into sacred geometric patterns. Reactivating and revitalizing traumatized cells from your life's crisis moments, reintegrating their electromagnetic connection to the mind and nerves, which increases the electromagnetic light body voltage.

Your being's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects become free and exposed to your consciousness while you remain in a peaceful, calm, meditative, healing state. Stay with your deep relaxed breathing while you reframe perspectives on your past, present, and future.

Certain sensations and experiences are reported consistently by our clients:

⁃ A sense of heaviness and sinking into the earth

⁃ Wondering if your body is still connected to you (people check all the time by lifting a limb)

⁃ A sense of being out of your body while being entirely confident you are still in it

⁃ An awareness of being connected to every living thing

⁃ A sensation of flying

⁃ Synesthesia - seeing the colour of certain sounds

⁃ A peaceful, safe journey into the darkest spaces of your soul

⁃ Deeper, more restful sleep

⁃ Feeling light and easy in the days that follow

⁃ tingling in the hands and/or feet and/or face

⁃ Temperature shifts of hot and cold or both

⁃ A sensation of mild pain or awareness where there was previously an injury (this usually subsides before the end or a few minutes afterwards)

Everyone will experience at least some and possibly all of the above throughout the sound bath.

Our bodies have the 12 frequencies of the chromatic scale physically built in. These notes are what all current music is based on. This is not by chance and is a product of our physical bodies' natural resonance. No matter the size or shape of your body, you and every other person on this planet have a body that reacts to the same notes in the same body areas. Solar plexus is always E for everyone. Same for 3rd eye being A and Sacral being D. It is rare to experience them all activated at once. That is what you will experience with us!

There are also powerful moments using voice, piano, trumpet, and percussion. You are then brought back by a large Buffalo drum played directly over your body while a simple vocal theme calls you back. Once you return, you reintegrate everything you just experienced into your reality.

Please hydrate well for the 24hrs before coming. We are mostly water, and your hydration level will directly affect your experience. You want to absorb the water and empty your bladder before you start.

If you're curious about the positive effects that sound can have on your mind, body, soul, and presence in the now.  Our sound bath is the perfect way to jump into the shallow end of the grownups' pool and test the waters.

what to expect with a one on one

What to expect with an individual session

We want to share some information to help you prepare for this incredible and, often, transformational experience.

Here is what to expect from your individual session:

Please hydrate well for the 24hrs before coming. We aim to get you into a deeply stabilized 5D state of consciousness.

5D consciousness - Holding five different vantage points on or levels of whom you are choosing to be at any given moment:

i.e. 1. Thoughts (visual or sonic internal mind space) 2. Feelings and/vs Emotions 3. Presence (how much are you fully grounded in each moment?) 4. Higher Spiritual connection (what greater energies are you cultivating from love) 5. Spiritual Embodiment (acting out life via speaking or doing things sourced from your Higher Spiritual connection)

In our sessions, this state is achieved by finding natural resonances within your physical body and harmonizing them via calm, controlled, steady breathing and sound stimulation. Your feedback is necessary on what sounds you are physically feeling from within most intensely during the assessment process, which takes up the first 5-10 mins of the session.

Once established, we begin the deep work by tuning your body resonances from 1 point to 2, 3, etc. This process will activate cells charged with stresses and traumas during your three-dimensional journey through the passage of time - the 4th dimension. These cells will be extremely thirsty once back in your healthy space. To be washed clean, it helps to be well hydrated. Being hydrated prevents thirst from becoming a distraction during the treatment. Covering basic needs enables easy access to the full embodiment of your higher consciousness or 5D self.

You may face your deepest fears in a calm and safe space without disclosing any details to anyone other than your higher self. Expect a bit of processing time immediately afterwards and then more to come in the days that follow. Your comfort and consent always govern the depth of your treatment.

The treatment process helps equip you to practice embodying this state of consciousness on your own, via what you already resonate with from within, while learning to cultivate your healthy state of true self, true purpose, true uniqueness, and its connection to the oneness of all.

How often should you come for a one-on-one? That depends on how committed you are to changing your life and dissolving that which no longer serves you.

Weekly treatments for 5-10 weeks have shown to be consistently successful for all clients who commit to practicing what they learned in session regularly throughout their days between weekly sessions. The more you bring it into your day today, the more likely you will shift to a new state of resonance for your subsequent treatment. Each new state of resonance allows for more embodiment of your higher self. After truly finding how to practice on your own, there can be a pause and then a shift to less frequent visits as needed.

Clients who come only once every few months without incorporating what they've learned into their daily life often return in the same space as the last visit, facing the same challenges as always. The occasional treatment offers some immediate, though temporary, relief from being overwhelmed by life.

Committing upfront to 5-10 weeks usually results in one every month or so being sufficient to maintain a 5D state of consciousness.

While being less of a time and financial expense, starting out with monthly visits generally takes at least a year (12 or more treatments) to achieve what weekly clients (5-10 treatments) can achieve and then maintain monthly after only a few short weeks.

We look forward to being a part of your true self-discovery journey!

couples therapy

What to expect with a couples session 

Do you find yourself saying or doing things you don't want to do but can't seem to stop? Having the same results in relationship dynamics with no sense of how to change it? Let us help you know each other more deeply.

Experience the natural resonant frequencies within your physical body each alone. Awaken your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual awareness to the present moment. Learn about the difference between your resonance and your partners. Experience each other's resonant state. Learn how to avoid discord by recognizing your partner's fixed and changeable resonances. Experience the resonance of your shift to accommodate your partner and your partners for you.

Experience a dual shift where each of you shifts to create an even more powerful resonance connection between you. 


Danny DePoe listens for the resonances of your physical bodies as they bounce back from skin drums. He then balances the volume of each clear resonant zone and eliminates dissonant or conflicting frequencies (using didgeridoos). You both will feel physically the sounds coming from inside of you, tuning you to your current natural harmonious chord resonance. (He is following observed patterns in both of your bodies' physical resonances to identify where things are getting stuck and where things are flowing) 


The rest of the session is to help you both fully embody a balanced resonance using singing bowls, piano, our voices (yes, yours too if you are comfortable), and to help you move the stuck emotional, mental and physical energy in your body via sound. As this energy moves, there may be a need to shift some of your resonances slightly in order to balance out. These healings create deep awareness and profound shifts in your life, unifying the mind, body, soul and spirit. Expect to feel and think differently for at least a couple of days afterwards.

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